Cross Platform eCommerce

The rise of iphone, iPad, Android, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and many other new social media not only changes the way how people in the world are connected, but also the way how customers buy products. No company can ignore this impact. Wisely using these new media, you can market or sell products more effectively.


cross platfrom ecommerceNew marketing channels and new business models come. However, this change also creates a new problem in eCommerce - how to manage and synchronize the large amount of product information and content over many different platforms - iphone, iPad, Android, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, eShop, etc. If you are developing reseller networks on these media, you will also face the difficulty to handle and commission calculation and all other transaction across all these platforms. 

A good solution is to publish all those ecommerce content via a single CMS (Content Management System) and integrating this CMS to an ERP system to handle all complex business operation.

Such eCommerce framework makes cross-platform eCommerce easy, quick and cost-effective.

I would highly recommend Open Source CMS and ERP system for this propose. Because they are Open Source, there is no hidden block for any integration.

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